Oniranthi or “Les Soeurs Aux Fleurs”

Lush, asymmetrical, unruly, romantic, like life, floral design often begins with pipe dreams, and, given the right care and thought, mushrooms into the most heart-warming, memory-evoking, organic-wrought source of happiness.

For Oniranthi’s flower sisters, growing dreams into reality began with a running a micro enterprise whose aim was to bring smiles on people’s faces. Born in Rethymno, Crete, the siblings’ love for the land melded with their natural inclination to root the unconventional. Having both graduated Landscape Architecture and Floriculture, Eleni went into Floral Design, and Anastasia dug in a plant nursery.

When in 2010 Eleni opened shop and invited her sister to come and help, Anastasia didn’t need to hear the invitation twice. She waved the plant nursery goodbye, and never looked back. With Eleni & Anastasia’s combined talents, it wasn’t long before Oniranthi gained a faithfull following. Having earned their stripes as one of Crete’s leading wedding florists the “soeurs aux fleurs” ‘s restless spirit brought them the first-place award at the Greek Flower Cup Pro 2016, with Florint and Eurofleurs coming up roses for the industrious duo.

Today, with hundreds of destination weddings and elopements under their belt Oniranthi is the absolute go-to for floral designs of their own accord. They’ll clip and snip from the bounty that grows on the Cretan grounds, source seasonal divas from the finest growers abroad, and stay adventuresome just like their brides and grooms.

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Our Specialties

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Oniranthi Flowershop & Studio

A place for you to seek out sweet-scented blooms, energy-inducing botanicals, planters, and decorative pieces that will expand your Ensō, and beautify the lives of the ones you love. Creating little moments for you and for your favourite people is something we take to heart, so tap on our expertise to shape your lived-in focal points, arrangements, and provide insights on thoughtful centerpieces, vessels, and decorative stacks.

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Florals for each emotion and event

From our Rethymnon studio and marketplace, to the prettiest events and weddings around Crete and the Greek islands, Oniranthi’s floral inspiration stems out from our clients’ individual style, nature’s zenith, and everything it can provide. Our constant flower-power cachepot? A strong grid of beautiful people whose can-do attitude means rolling up our sleeves to deliver, problem-solve, and gently nurture floral dreams. Be it quieter milestones, blush-worthy moments, ceremonies of renewal, or multifoliate celebrations, your bounty of memories deserve to blossom!

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We make what you love

Do you ever get those a-ha! moments that swerve the way you look at things in the most meaningful of ways? Leave it to Oniranthi to nurture your ambitions, and make what you Love. From paring-down twigs to make statement out of a single flower, to coupling familiar blossoms with fresh cuts of vegetables, succulents, and flourishing vines (think sweat peas, clematis, wisteria, honeysuckle) our floristry vision builds upon composing flowers our clients will absolutely adore.

Featured Products

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Custom Bouquets

Creating little moments for you and for your favourite people is something we take to heart.

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